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Malaysian Export Academy was registered in October 2007, to take over the activities of The Exporters Club of Malaysia specifically the Training & Education Unit. The Club has been active in Training especially proposal writing on International Trade and Exporting Subjects since the year 2000.

The Academy has been approved as a Class A training provider under the Human Resources Development Fund, Ministry of Human Resources of Malaysia. In this respect, almost all its trade training programmes are fully subsidized by the said Fund.

The Academy is also a member of the following organisations:
  • International Association of Trade Training Organisations (IATTO)
  • Malaysian Exporters Association
  • Malaysian Training Providers Association
  • National Association of Private Educational Institutions
  • Malaysian External Trade Development Corporation
In the field of International Trade and Export Training, the Academy’s collaborative partners are as follows:
  • Malaysian Institute of Export & International Trade
  • Institute of Export, United Kigdom
  • University Utara Malaysia
  • University of Kuala Lumpur
  • Asia e-University
  • Institute of Leadership and Management
  • Australian College of Business & Management.


Our Vision is to be a premier training provider in the ASEAN region focusing on professional skills and workforce development.

Our Mission is to provide high quality and world class training programmes to support workforce development, thereby enhancing their contributions to the goals of their organization.


-To provide professional, quality and industry driven practical training and education in the field of export and international trade
-To develop and market the Academy’s programmes in the ASEAN region
-To collaborate with other International Trade Training Institutions to offer variety of quality programmes in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries
-To promote the culture of e-learning and blended learning in the region


The Academy’s Training programmes are divided into two categories, which are as follows:

  • Short Courses & Workshops
  • Executive & Professional Programmes
Short Courses and Workshops

The Academy offers the following short courses (one to two days each) on a regular basis:

Exporting and International Trade

> A-Z of Exporting
> Introduction to Exporting
> Formulating an Export Plan
> Going International for Malaysian Companiers
> Ethics in International Business
> Appointment of Agents and Distributors
> Navigating and Negotiating in Different Cultures
> Branding and Packaging for Exporters
> E-Business for Exporters
> Legal aspects of Doing Business Overseas
> Developing Export Pricing
> Export Trade Disputes
> Social Media in Export Marketing
> Effective Participation in Trade Fairs
> Effective Export Selling
> Export Promotion and Marketing Strategies
> Certificate of Origin
> Free Trade Agreements and its Impact on
   Malaysian Exporters
> Identifying & Evaluating Overseas Markets
> Market Research
> Creating, Managing and Implementing an
   International Trade Strategy


> Malaysian Customs Procedures
> Shipping Procedures and Documentation
> Effective 3 Ps in Global Shipping
> Process, Practice and Performance
> Managing Bill of Lading in Shipping
> Shipping Elements and Import Export
> Import and Export Documentation and
> Managing Incoterms 2010
> Facilities under Customs Act
> FTAs & Its related Customs Procedures in
> Customs Classification of Goods
> Valuation under WTO
> Customs Incentives for Export Oriented
> Effective Total Logistics Management
> Effective Supply Chain management
> Managing Hidden Logistics, Costs & Risks in
   Global Trade
> Sea and Air Freight Documentation and

Human Resource Development

> Managing Misconduct, Poor Performance and
   Absenteeism at Work
> Training Need Analysis
> Employee Case Investigation and Conducting
   Domestic Inquiry
> Effective Compensation & Benefits Management
> Essentials of Human Resource Management
> Handling Difficult Employees and Absenteeism
> Practical Aspects of EPF & SOCSO Acts ~
   Claims, Procedures & recent developments
> Competency Based Behavioral Interviewing Skills
> Effective Payroll Administration
> Developing Market Rate Salary Structures
> Developing A Pay Structure and Benefits
> Employer/Employee Rights Under the
   Employment Act 1955
> Termination of Employment
   (Employment Termination Guidelines)
> HR for Non-HR Personnel
> Understanding Malaysian Labour Laws
> Developing HR Policy and Employee Handbook
> Handling the non-performer and dismissal
> Employment Contract, Termination and Dismissal

Taxation & Finance

> An Understanding of Malaysian Taxation
   and Effective Planning
> Tax Planning for Employers and HR Managers
> Cash Flow Management
> Finance for Non-Financial Executives
> Accounting for Non Accounting Personnel
> Budgeting for Effective Planning
> Credit Management and Collection Techniques
> Malaysian Withholding Tax
> Malaysian Corporate Tax and Deductibility of

Trade Finance

> Essentials of Trade Financing
> Structuring Trade Finance facilities
   (obtaining banking facilities for trading purposes)
> Letter of Credit – Operations
> Advanced Letter of Credit
> Trade Risks and Fraud Management
> Understanding Trade Payment Terms (UCP 600)


> Halal Standards and Certification for Exporters
> International Halal Marketing
> Business English Communication
> High Impact Leadership Skills
> Leadership Skills for Highly Effective Supervisors
> Effective Negotiation Skills
> Tools for Dynamic Managers
> Motivation and Positive Work Attitude
> Creative Problem Solving Skills
> Time Management
> Stress & Conflict Management
> Team Building
> Anger Management
> Creativity and Innovation Thinking at Workplace
> Conflicts Resolution Skills
> Fundamentals of Leadership Skills
> Women at Work
> Building Bridges for Customers
> How to Achieve High Standard of Customer Care
> Personal & Professional Strengthening
   (Reach up for Excellence)
> Dynamics of Multitasking

All the above courses are conducted on a regular basis by the Academy or in collaboration with other trade organisations or associations. The modules are developed by the Academy in collaboration with the trainers.

The target participants are mainly business executives, government officials, academicians and students. In most cases, the fees are claimable under the Human Resources Development Fund.

The methodology is classroom discussions, role play, presentations, case studies, visits and exercises.

Participants who have completed the course will be given a Certificate of Attendance issued by the Malaysian Export Academy or Malaysian Institute of Export and International Trade.

Executive & Professional Programmes

The Academy offers the following Programmes:

  • Executive/Professional Certificates, Diploma & Masters
  • Certified Professional Programmes
  • Executive Development Programmes

Executive/Professional Certificates, Diploma & Masters

Our main programmes are as follows:

> Professional Certificate in Exporting
> Professional Certificate in Trade Finance
> Professional Certificate in Logistics Management
> Professional Certificate in Logistics & Supply
   Chain Management
> Professional Certificate in Human Resource
> Professional Certificate in International Trade
> Professional Certificate in Malaysian Customs
> Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing
> Professional Certificate in Halal Marketing
> Executive Diploma in International Trade
> Executive Diploma in Human resource
> Executive Diploma in Halal Business
> Executive Masters in International Trade

These courses are offered to both fresh graduates and working adults on full time and part time basis. Evaluation will be done by assignment and examination and a Professional Diploma or Masters will be given by one or two of the following bodies: Malaysian Institute of Export and International Trade, University Utara Malaysia, AEU University and Institute of Export of UK.

Certified Professional Programmes

The Academy will also be offering the following Certified Professional Programmes:

> Certified Export Professional (CEP)
> Certified HR Professional (CHRP)
> Certified Logistics Professional

These programmes will have three months of coursework, three months Internship and one month for Simulation, A Case Study and Participation in Real Life situation. This will be offered on full time basis to fresh graduates and working adults and as part time basis (weekend classes) for working adults only who have some basic experience in the respective fields. Part timers need not attend the three months internship. This course will also be offered on a blended learning basis ie online with a weekend tutorial once in every month. Flexibility will be given to complete this course within a period of one year.

Executive Development Programmes

The Academy in collaboration with local and international trade Institutions will be offering the following Development Programmes:

> Export Development Programme for New
> Women Exporters Development Programme
> New Exporters Development Programme
> SME Export Mentoring Programme

These programmes are specifically designed to coach and mentor SMEs, New Exporters and New Entrepreneurs to learn to export and the Academy will use the holding your hand to your target concept to ensure the participants have reasonable practical knowledge to run their own export business or join any exporting companies.


The Academy in collaboration with the Malaysian Exporters Association and other trade associations have been organising a number of activities that are also related to International Trade Training. Among them are:

  • Luncheon Talks
  • Seminars & Conferences
  • Consultancy
  • Publication
  • Centres

Luncheon Talks

Some of the recent Talks organized by the Academy are such as:

> Doing Business in Japan
> Doing Business in Laos
> Business Opportunities in Vietnam
> Export Refinancing Scheme
> Venture Capital Financing for Exporters
> Exports of Strategic Products

Seminars and Conferences

The Academy is the organizer of the following Seminars and Conferences on an Annual Basis:

> National Export Conference
> National Conference on Supply Chain
> National SME Conference
> National Social Media Marketing Conference
> National Conference on Global Halal Marketing
> Seminar of Government Grants for Malaysian
> Seminar on Doing Business in the Middle East
> Seminar on Doing Business in Africa
> Seminar on Doing Business in Latin America


The academy has a Consultancy Unit to assist Malaysian Exporters in the following areas:

> Government Grants for Exporters
> Export Packaging Design
> Intellectual Property


The Academy publishes an online newsletter on its activities under the name “Reaching Out” which is circulated to all Malaysian Exporters.

It also publishes a quarterly magazine under the name “Malaysia Trade” which contains articles on International Trade Matters and Opportunities for Malaysian Exporters.


The Academy has recently set up a number of Centres to further develop and promote International Trade. These centres are:

> Centre for ASEAN Business Development
> Centre for Women Exporters Development
> Centre for Halal Business Development
> Centre for Export Research and Development

These Centres are online based and organized various programmes and activities to promote the Centres objectives. For instance the Centre for ASEAN Business Development is to promote intra- trade among the ASEAN countries by organizing special workshops, training and other activities.

The Centre for Women Exporters Development works closely with the various women business organizations in Malaysia and also the Ministry of Women & Family Development to develop and promote women exporters.

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