Drafting your Customised HR Policy and The Employee Handbook


Purpose of Written HR Policy
A written HR Policy will provide clear direction for decision making by management when the owner or top management is away. This will also provide responsible delegation of authority

Purpose of Employee Handbook
The Employee Handbook is an agreement between employee and the organization on terms and conditions of employment including employee benefits and disciplinary action

What Does this Programme Cover?
The programme covers the HR Management systems and the employment laws from recruitment and management to termination of employment.

It also includes processes

Will You Give Out Any Sample of the HR Policy?
YES. As a participant you will receive a copy of a Sample of the HR Policy.
You will also receive a sample of SOP and Employee Handbook + Samples of all critical documents / letters


At the end of the programme, participants are able to:

· Draw up clear HR Policies and the Employee Handbook; and define their aims and purposes
· Draft samples of documents and letters
· Identify areas of responsibility for the HR Department
· Identify job functions and establish accountability and responsibility of employees carrying out HR functions
· Identify management prerogatives
· Identify legal and market-standard benefits and entitlements for employees; and define their aims and purposes
· Establish the ‘paper’ trail or flow chart
· Adhere to legal standards surrounding various policies


At the end of the programme, participants are able to:
·Presentations, interactive discussion, workshop sessions


· HR Managers
· Heads of HR Department
· Policy Decision Makers

Module Session
Module 1 Introduction

  • Differences between HR Policies & Employee Handbook
  • Organization structure & levels
  • Job Descriptions & Specifications
  • Prerogatives of management
  • Module 2 Employment

  • Recruitment Methods
  • Selection Methods
  • Types of contracts
  • Module 3 Employee Development

  • Orientation
  • Training & development
    • Transfers
    • Promotions
    Module 4 Employee Recognition

  • Long service awards
  • Service excellence awards
  • Get together functions
  • Module 5 Basic Salaries & Allowances

  • Job Grades
  • Pay Grades & Pay Ranges
  • Minimum Wages Act (latest)
  • Allowances & Reimbursable Claims
  • Module 6 Performance Management & Bonuses

  • Appraisal
  • Linking increments & bonuses to performance
  • Action for non-performers
  • Module 7 Work Hours, Rest Days, PH and OT

  • Working hours & days
  • Rest Days
  • PH
  • OT Rates
  • Module 8 Entitlement / Benefits

  • Annual Leave entitlement
  • Sick leave & Medical Benefits
  • Maternity / Paternity Leave
  • Special leave: Marriage, Compassionate, Prolonged Illness, etc
  • Special benefits: loans, scholarship, uniform, etc
  • Module 9 Resignation, Retrenchment & Retirement

  • Resignation notice period
  • Retirement age & Benefits
  • Golden handshake & Garden Leave
  • Retrenchment and Compensation Issues
  • Extension of service after retirement
  • Module 10 Non-performance / Indiscipline & Dismissal

  • Major and minor misconduct
  • Disciplinary action steps
  • Types of disciplinary action
  • Non-performance & Indiscipline
  • Probationary Period & Non-confirmation
  • Legal issues
  • Module 11 Grievance Procedure & Exit Interviews

  • General grievance procedure
  • Content of Exit Interviews
  • Approving authority & signatories
  • Legal issues
  • Module 12 Employee Handbook

  • Scope and limitation of handbook
  • General and specific aims of handbook
  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Other information that may be included

    Cyril Pagadala comes with more than 18 years of real hands-on work experience in Human Resource Management, Operations, Customer Service and Administration.

    His work experience covers various industries such as the banking, manufacturing, hospitality and other service industries He has worked for both local and multinationals and in both small and large companies. He also worked for a group of companies where he was the Director of Human Resource & Administration.

    He has a BA (English) and MA (Human Resource Management) He is now a lecturer and corporate trainer for many years

    He has gone through the whole gamut of HRM functions including setting up the HR Department A-Z and company start up operations with appropriate systems in a new organization as part of start-up operations

    One of the main functions in any organization that he worked for has been developing the company’s HR Policies and Employee Handbook.

    He delivers and facilitates the programmes in a simple, easy-to-understand way and willingly shares knowledge. Due to his real hard-knock work experience, he is able to provide many simple solutions to work challenges.

    His participants range from CEOs, managers, executives, supervisors to clerks; and professional engineers, lawyers and computer specialists both local and foreigners. He has many repeat clients. Maybe this is due to his simple philosophy: “SHARE REAL WORK KNOWLEDGE”. Perhaps a cue may also be taken from a participant: ‘I NEVER KNEW THIS WAS SO EASY!’


    RM1,378 per person for 2 days - SBL claimable (Inclusive of lunch, tea breaks, notes, certificate of attendance and 6% SST)

    *Group discount of 10% available (for 3 or more participants from the same company)


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    Bandar Bukit Puchong,
    47120 Puchong, Selangor.

    Tel : 03 8066 3107
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