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This Course is opened to participants of HRDF registered companies only. Eligible participants will be funded under HRDF Industry Certifcation INDCERT Scheme.
Terms and conditions apply.

List of INDCERT Courses

The Good news for all HRDF registered companies is that HRDF has approved the following programmes to Malaysian Export Academy under the HRDF Industry Certification Scheme (INCERT) subject to terms and conditions:

Date and Duration: 28, 29 February & 1, 7, 8 March 2020
Venue: MEXA Training Centre, Puchong , Selangor / TBC
Price: RM5,250.00

Course Overview

The digital landscape is moving at lightning speed. The advances in digital—from retail, manufacturing to brands and agencies, have affected every industry.

This course is specifically created for businesses and professionals interested in gaining a deeper understanding of everything digital marketing can encompass.

This 5-days hands-on workshop is developed to meet the particular challenges in learning about the best approach to digital marketing as well as discover how simple as well as economical to use a digital platform to increase business sales as well as corporate branding.

Besides learning the “nuts and bolts” of setting up your digital marketing platform, it also provides valuable advice on which sites are suitable for your organization and your audience.

Course Objectives
  • Use Digital Marketing in your branding, marketing, sales and promotion campaigns to achieve excellent results.
  • Managing Facebook page, website, sales funnel and other digital media.
  • Unfold secrets to increase your branding and sales instantly.
  • Strengthen you company’s brand in the online marketplace.
  • Generate business leads with successful digital media and save millions investing on traditional advertising

  • Learning Outcome

    The proposed outcomes for trainees are as follows:

  • Able to communicate with absolute clarity on your Brand Story
  • Able to Create a marketing one-liner for your Brand
  • Able to Create a Lead Generator and collect email addresses
  • Able to Create a CALL TO ACTION process that converts your leads into buying customers.
  • Able to Test and Measure all applied strategies and results.

  • Certification
    Upon completion of this course, the City College of Birmingham will award the certificate.

    Course Content
    Module Topic
    Module 1 Introduction of Digital Marketing & Branding
    Module 2 Transforming Your Online Present
    Module 3 Video & YouTube Marketing
    Module 4 Facebook Marketing
    Module 5 Integrated All-In-One

    Date and Duration: 14, 15, 21 ,22 March 2020
    Venue: MEXA Training Centre, Puchong Selangor /TBC
    Price: RM4,900.00

    Course Overview

    Logistics has found its new best friend in e-commerce. This is especially true in the case of developing countries like India where a huge population shop online. Online shopping giants like Flipkart and Amazon have their own in- house logistics departments where personnel who have undergone logistics training are high in demand. With technology breaking into the scene, the number of entrepreneurs turning to e-commerce has also taken a steep rise in recent years. On the other hand, any e-commerce start-up needs to deliver the products right on time to make a name for them

    Course Objectives

    This course aims to help the supply chain professional to understand and apply four (4) major and significant aspects of ecommerce logostics management:

  • Define the function of logistics and e-commerce
  • Describe the component , concept of modern transport, unit load determinations and material handling
  • E-commerce and characteristics of transport mode in real world with the involvement of governments and political
  • personnel
  • E-commerce and new logistics systems beyond transport
  • Understand the future of logistic in e-commerce business environment

  • Learning Outcome
    At the end of the course, trainees should be able to:
  • Describe the functions of transport and basic components of logistic in e-ecommerce business
  • Identify the characteristics of each modes of transport in relation to e-commerce business
  • Discuss the role of government involvement in operation, management and control of transport.
  • Distinguish various issues in transport system and transport environment.
  • Participant able to provide solutions and trouble shoot problems arised from transportation activities in e-commerce business environment
    Upon completion of this course, the City College of Birmingham will award the certificate.

    Course Content
    Module Topic
    Module 1 Functions of Transport
    Module 2 Components of E-Commerce Transport
    Module 3 Characteristic of E-Commerce Transport
    Module 4 Contemporary Concept and Definition
    Module 5 Unit Load Concept and Material Handling E-Commerce Products
    Module 6 Government and Political Involvement
    Module 7 Logistic System & Concept In E-Commerce Business
    Module 8 Future of E-Commerce Logistics

  • 21, 22, 28, 29 March, 11, 12, 25, 26 April 2020 (Sat and Sun only)
    Venue: MEXA Training Centre, Puchong Selangor / TBC
    Price: RM7,100.00

    Course Overview

    The Professional Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management program, is one of the most popular and much sought after qualifications by employers throughout the world. It is developed with the view in assisting the management to plan, implement, and apply newly acquired skills in various supply chain industries so as to improve efficiency and achieve high productivity. The goal of this Diploma is to provide trainees a strategic framework to analyze the design, planning, and operational decisions within the supply chains. Such a framework helps clarify supply chain goals and identify managerial actions that improve supply chain performance and productivity of the organization.

    Trainees will be able to apply all the illustrations such as making supply chain decisions, their influence on performance, and their role in a firms’ competitive strategy. Without having an effective and efficient Supply Chain operations companies may face tremendous problems and difficulties and would increase their operational cost and reduce their profits. Many companies are having huge sales but could not cater to the delivery of goods to the customer due to badly managed Logistics and Supply Chain operations.

    Course Objectives
  • To introduce some most basic terms, concepts, principles and methods for successful planning, organizing and controlling of these functional activities.
  • To understand the importance of transportation in Logistic and Warehousing, which is the key to a successful business
  • To provide knowledge in customs, export import documentation and procedures
  • To provide an understanding of the main activities associated with port operations and port management and highlight current and future opportunities and threats facing port operators and government regulators.
  • To explore modeling, computation and IT-enabled implementation of solutions in some areas of Supply Chain Management
  • To understand the actual buying of material and those activities associated with the buying process
  • To describe the importance of the physical distribution used in the supply chain, factors that are considered in channel selection, distribution policies and strategies, the special distribution methods, logistics and communication in physical distribution and the selection of appropriate channels

  • Learning Outcome

    Upon completion, trainees will be able to:

  • Define precisely the basic terms and concepts, principles and methods in operating effective logistics management
  • Identify clearly the product and customer service involved in business logistic activities
  • Develop properly order processing and information system regularly use in logistic operations
  • Understand the concept of transportation, inventory and logistic organization relating to business logistic environment
  • Present clearly issues, development and challenges in logistic industries
  • Identify clearly the most appropriate transportation system in logistics and supply chain for international and domestic level.
  • Identify clearly of the important elements in handling export and import processes involving several procedures in international business.
  • Apply effectively the technology of supply chain management in related situation in supply chain activities.
  • Analyze critically the pricing determination and managing quality of procurement in logistics and supply chain activities
  • Apply effectively the techniques and concepts of information systems for warehousing, distribution and transportation system in operating logistics and supply chain

  • Certification
    Upon completion of this course, the City College of Birmingham will award the certificate.

    Course Content
    Module Topic
    Module 1 Fundamentals of Logistic Management
    Module 2 Principles and Practices of Transportation
    Module 3 Export Import Documentation and Procedures
    Module 4 Supply Chain Management
    Module 5 Procurement
    Module 6 Distribution Management
    Module 7 Logistics & Supply Chain Information Technology
    Module 8 Warehousing


  • For HRDF members the funding will be 50% funded by government and the balance 50% to be deducted from their levy balance and is based on first come first serve basis
  • Some courses are only offered during weekends which could mean that it will not affect their staff’s work schedule
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