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Pandemic Disease Handling at Workplace

Date: 13 April 2020 (Monday)
Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Venue: Empire Hotel, Subang


Seasonal influenza outbreaks are caused by small changes in viruses that are already circulating around us, and to which many people have some immunity. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a pandemic occurs when an influenza virus emerges that most people do not have immunity to, because it is different from any previous strain in humans.

This enables the strain to spread easily between people.

Most of our lives are a combination of work, family and community involvement. A pandemic can affect all of these areas. Being informed and knowing what to do during a pandemic can help minimize the impact. This course describes what a pandemic is, how an influenza virus spreads, and the impact a pandemic may have on workplaces, our communities and us. An incident could not only make people sick but put you out of business.

This course is for Employers, line managers, supervisors, and leaders - anyone whose role involves managing or supervising employees and all staff in the workplace to understand the pandemic diseases and how having a business continuity plan will reduce the impact of a pandemic on both the employees and organization.


By the end of this workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Know the main characteristics of an influenza (flu) pandemic
  • Understand how the flu virus spreads
  • Understand the impact of pandemic on your workplace, home and community
  • Know ways to help stay healthy and reduce the spread of the virus
  • Know how to be prepared at workplace to help business continuity
  • Be able to find reliable information during a pandemic
  • Use adult activity-based engaging learning

    This is an Adult Learning - Based on Principle of Andragogy, Learning & Development Category.

    Methods includes Classroom Session, Power Point presentation, Video learning, Individual & Group Assignments, Debriefing, Play & Activity mixture.

    The methodology imbibes combination of the listed below;

    Kolb’s Experiential Learning, ADDIE Model & Malcom Knowles

    Understanding Communicable & Non-Communicable Disease
    Past & present Pandemic Treats
    Truth Behind Emerging Disease & Reemergence
    Impending Pandemic-Influenza & Virulence
    WHO Global Approach
    Local Approach MOH
    Covid Treat Activity / Gamification
    All about Emerging WUHAN Facts
    Treatment Efficacy
    Pandemic Affect at Workplace
    OSHA Intervention & NPI
    Measuring Progress
    Work Action Plan (Before, During & After Flu)
    Case Study / Role Model Activity


    Suba SK Perumal

  • BSc Biomedicine (Hons), UKM, Dip. MedLabTech, UM
  • Certified Train the Trainer - HRDF
  • Neuroscience, USA
  • Leadership & Management -Youth & Sports Ministry
  • Health, Wellness & Life Coach Certification, IACET
  • Member of International Stress Management Association, USA
  • Suba SK Perumal, a nature lover, with Biomedical Science Technology & Research background over 12 years in University Hospital Healthcare industry, (University Malaya Medical Centre). Suba have managed number of routine and special laboratory techniques on clinical procedure, human pre and post - surgical and product for microbiological (bacteriology, virology), pathological diagnostic, research and education based pathological in University Malaya Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

    She further advanced herself with Train the Trainer certification with HRDF, Malaysia to promote and commune with people of all walks to unleash their innate potential by establishing the conscience between body, mind. Her passion for research, she works closely to find the latest information in the field medical science, quantum physics, epigenetics and neuroscience to help people unleash their potentials. She works with corporations that are interested in the idea of using behavioral and human science principals as way to increase innovation, productivity and creativity in employees. She is also a member of International Stress Management Association.

    The niches she covers includes Health, Safety & Wellness, Stress & Mental Health Management, Learning & Development, Organizational Health & Wellness Strategy, Anxiety & Depression, Emotional Eloquent, Leadership Empowerment for Women), Success Mindset, Personal Development, DNA Consciousness.


    Participation fee: RM954 per person

    Normal fee: RM1, 166 per person
    – SBL claimable (Inclusive of lunch, tea breaks, notes, certificate of attendance and 6% SST)

    *Group discount of 10% available (for 3 or more participants from the same company)


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